ETL'S 2017 Intern openings


The Open Positions Include









Event/Premiere Intern

The main role of the event coordinator is to create, plan, and manage events on campus relating to ETL, ETL’s topic, and past ETL projects. It is essential that students be involved in the CSB/SJU community and be an effective networker and educator in order to connect with groups and organizations on campus and expand interest and understanding of ETL. The most important role of the coordinator will be to plan ETL Week, the Premiere of the documentary, and various promotional events throughout the year. Campus Representatives must develop ways to reach out and educate the population while harnessing and encouraging their passion.



·      Excellent time management, and communication skills

·      Great organizational skills (keeping track of emails and contacts, dates, times, etc.)

·      Great networking abilities

·      Enthusiasm to spread ETL’s message

·      Creative personality

·      Comfortable working as a team with the other co-coordinator position


Roles and responsibilities:

·      Plan, organize, and manage ETL week, various fundraising events, and Premiere of Documentary

·      Create/Find activities for ETL to market its products, advertise it’s topics, and facilitate dialogue with the CSB/SJU community about its missions and topics

·      Plan and manage small tabling activities throughout year such as Homecoming, Johnnie/Tommie, and various others

·      Communicate with on-site staff to determine themes of presentation, technological needs, time frame, etc.

·      Cooperate with on-campus groups to advance ETL’s mission, including co-sponsorships



Marketing/Art Intern

Marketing coordinators should work together to maintain and further ETL’s brand that targets both professional and student audiences. They are responsible for all Facebook, email, blog, Instagram, and Twitter updates, as well as the implementation of posters and promotion for events, passive programming campaigns. There is a lot of creative flexibility in this position, and candidates are encouraged to take advantage of this. Experience with photo editing software, Microsoft Office, webpage design, etc. is preferred.



·      Creative thinker

·      Works well in collaboration with others

·      Can handle hard deadlines

·      Able to take critique

·      Knowledge of communication techniques, especially social media platforms

·      Able to follow through on projects, taking input from a variety of sources

·      Experience with photo editing software (Photoshop or Publisher), Ingeniux, Microsoft Office, web design, etc. or planning on getting familiarize with these software


Roles and responsibilities:

·      Develop a marketing strategy for the project and organization

·      Update websites on Ingeniux and SquareSpace, statuses on Facebook and Twitter, photos on Instagram, and ETL blog

·      Design and produce promotional materials (brochures, presentation boards, poster, emails, buttons, etc.)

·      Promote all ETL-related events (including fundraisers, evens at which ETL will be present, etc.) through print and digital means

·      Creatively establish alternative means of marketing, i.e. bracelets, T-shirts, stickers, etc.

·      Work with on-campus communication and marketing services to write press releases




Video Intern

a documentary film. They have the large responsibility of doing the bulk of editing and film creation in the spring, which is understood to be a substantial time commitment. They are expected to have experience in film and film editing, including the use of programs, lighting, sound, etc. They must also ensure that they have a deep knowledge of the topic for the current film in order to effectively communicate the message visually. Film Coordinators should also be avidly seeking out film competitions for which ETL is qualified, and creating small promotional materials for submission. Please include some of your previous work relating to videography for us to review.



* *Experience with Final Cut Pro

* Documented history of film editing

* Excellent time management and adherence to strict deadlines

* Works well in collaboration and within a team

* Availability in Spring semester is essential


Roles and responsibilities:

* Create promotional videos for ETL

* Complete the following projects with the videography team in the Spring: a trailer, micromentary, and a full-length documentary film featuring the year’s topic (E-Waste)

* Put together footage acquired from Hong Kong and Minnesota

* Manage required equipment (cameras, tapes, microphones, etc.) for traveling abroad and filming interviews

* Instruct other team members on the basics camera operation and editing

* Assist with technical aspects of presentations

Available to help Marketing Coordinators for possible marketing videos