Change in plans

Today we were up and ready for an interview with an agribusiness professor when he last minute had to reschedule. In an effort not to waste yet another day, we made a phone call to headed back to Musanze to visit one of our contact's farms. He had said he had some land and we could stop by at any time but we didn't know much more, so we weren't sure what to expect. 

After a 40 minute motto ride we were beginning to wonder what we'd gotten ourselves into, until we saw the farm. Our jaws hit the floor- it was a farm and house with the most beautiful view overlooking lake burea. Even our motto drivers were amazed. We not only got some amazing shots of the farm and animals, but also were given a tour of the library he was building. It will be only the second in all of Rwanda. 

The entire community was so welcoming and invited some of us to play a quick 5 minute game of football with them. I gave everyone high-5s on the motto ride home. We ended the night with a team pasta dinner and headed to bed to prep for the upcoming full day of interviews.

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