Baking and Hiking

Dear Friends,

Today we started the day off going to The Women's Bakery in Kigali to interview two women apart of the program and a few of the staff members. The Women's Bakery was founded by Markey and Julie, with the goal to to educate women in Rwanda and Tanzania on how to start and maintain a business. The two co-founders found that baking bread has been a great business for women to get in to, explaining why the organization is called The Women's Bakery. We learned a lot from the women about the organization and how it has empowered them to contribute to their communities. The interviews went very smoothly and which allowed us to be done with interviews for the day around noon. 

We then went to lunch at Rosty's, where we relaxed and enjoyed excellent African style cuisine. With the afternoon wide open, we had time to share our thoughts on how the trip has gone so far and what we've learned. It was great to finally sit down and have lunch like normal people. We then went back to Yambi to regroup and get ready for our busy weekend. 

At Yambi, we were told by our hostel owner Patrick that there is a great spot up the road to eat and watch the sun set over the beautiful city of Kigali. We headed up the road and the promised fifteen minute walk ended up being around thirty minutes up hill. Although we were all pretty tired from the hike, the view of the sunset over Kigali was unbelievable and made the trip well worth it. It was a great way to end our day and get ready for the busy day ahead of us tomorrow. 

~ Brennan

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