Hot Wheels

Today was a whirlwind day! The rainy season has come to an end so the weather is getting continuously hotter, and our ride for the day was a van with no air conditioning and only the two front windows that opened, so all day we were roasting. We started off with a closing interview and wrap up with the Global Communities staff. They have been so helpful in our endeavors, and they just kept helping! They set us up with a meting with Agnes, a crop production and extension specialist from the Rwandan Agriculture Board. She was an incredible- a great woman in power to add to our list. After re-caffeinating at Neo, a local coffee shop, we went on to our third interview of the day with Caroline at Gardens for Health. She was a little nervous in front of the camera, but after she warmed up she shared some great stories. After, we made our way back to The Women's Bakery to get some shots of their first day of training. The women were so excited to show us how all their hard work was paying off! To finish off our day we met our new friend Joseph at the Ministry of Agriculture to meet with the Director General of Agriculture, Dr. Charles Murekezi.  Remember, we had been driving around in a sauna in wheels all day, so we all tumbled out sweaty and exhausted and somehow managed to pull ourselves together and look professional for the Ministry. We had a great interview, but unfortunately he didn't feel comfortable appearing on camera so we didn't record any of what he said. Still, he wrapped up almost everything we've been told throughout the entire trip into one conversation and was wonderfully helpful just to hear how everything fit together. The best part was that a woman from the One Acre Fund was also there meeting with the Director General, so we exchanged info with them as well. That has happened a lot on this trip; someone knows someone who connects us with someone else who happens to be just perfect. At the end of the day we stopped back to Meze Fresh for another team dinner and headed back to Yambi. Overall it was an exciting day and I can't wait to see this all come together when we get back!



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